About This Blog

At some point or another, many of us have wondered, “is psychology actually a science?” Can I actually trust the data that comes out of mental health research? The answer is “sometimes”. Some studies in psychology can be reliable. Others can be flimsy.

This blog was started as a means of separating the reliable from the flimsy, the empirical from the subjective. The aim of this blog is to ensure that data from mental health studies are spread as accurately as possible. I will cover topics from mental health disorders to personality traits, attacking even the most perplexing psychological phenomena. I hope that you, as a reader, will gain a deeper appreciation for the scientific progress in Psychology and understand the need for thorough scientific investigation.

All blog posts will be reviewed for accuracy by a faculty member of the Notre Dame Psychology Department. I am by no means a professional in psychological diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Personal Biography

My name is Colin Stoll, I am currently a junior at the University of Notre Dame, studying Psychology and Pre-Health. During my first years of college, I gained much experience in service and leadership work. Specifically, I served as a medical anthropology research assistant and a volunteer at the Mishawaka Medical Center. I am also involved as co-president for the Psychology Club and a seminar leader for the Center for Social Concerns.

Outside of Notre Dame, I have relevant experience in person-centered care in clinical settings. I have interned at the Family Health Partnership Clinic and Independence Health and Therapy, nonprofits that focus on providing physical and mental health care for underserved populations. Through these experiences, I have gained relevant experience working with patients from diverse populations. I am also passionate about addressing universal health disparities throughout the world and have been working as an undergraduate fellow with Empower Through Health, an organization seeking to address these disparities in rural Uganda.