What is Reliable Mind?

Research leads the way in just about every science, including biology, physics, and chemistry. The scientific method is the means by which we gain information about the world around us and the processes that drive it. Why shouldn’t research also lead the way we understand our behavior and how we process the world around us? Just as controlled studies lead the way for the development of physical sciences, experimental investigation should also guide the development of psychology. The Reliable Mind blog will unravel some of psychology’s most demanding and important phenomena, guided by objective psychometric data. Posts will cover everything from clinical to developmental psychology, applying behavioral principles to current world dilemmas. 

But beyond promoting scientific psychology, there is a greater purpose to this blog. False beliefs about mental illness can create significant obstacles in diagnosis and treatment. Prejudices and stereotypes about individuals experiencing mental illness are still common in today’s culture. Research findings suggest that stigma can lead to reluctance to seek treatment, fewer social opportunities, and a self-defeating attitude. Each post will feature resources for those experiencing mental health problems. These may include links to therapist search tools, hotlines, or support groups. Other resources may be evidence-based guides to help cope with problems in everyday life, such as sleep or relaxation. 

All posts and resources will be reviewed by a psychologist from the University of Notre Dame to ensure accuracy and validity.